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Obknokious' Journal
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Monday, April 15th, 2002
5:50 pm
Oh what a glorious day
Tank top and shorts = still hot

Cheeseburger, cherry coke and fries = MmMmMM yum

Warm weather and sun until late at night and the midnight/early morning sky is pinkish not black = Happy feelings.

I love spring.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, April 14th, 2002
12:33 pm
Last night was my Phi Sig Formal - the Sapphire Ball. All and All it went pretty well despite the boyfriend making pissy comments randomly it was alright. :) I made a speecha bout my big sister, got many compliments on my dress (if i EVER figure out HOW to put pictures on live journal i will so if someone wants to tell me, thanks!) it was a pretty fun night. My suitemate got hammered, the other one was pretty buzzed.

Unfortunately the cold i was getting was giong away, but from 2 late nights of no sleep and running out of medicine last night it's back and i'm getting a cough. So i have to go get medicine when i develope my pictures

On a good note it's SPRING outside! 70's i'm putting on a tanktop and capri's with flipflops! Woo Hoo and yes, wet hair. It hasn't been warm enough for shorts/capris and a tanktop yet but today it is! Yes!

Talk to you all later - and yes i'm gonna treat myself to some ice cream or italian ice.

Current Mood: Happily exhausted
Friday, April 12th, 2002
12:54 pm
Ugh what's wrong with me??
I caught my roomie's old cold. and it hits me at night mostly but lately i've been able to sleep and not suffering alot. So the meds i'm taking i thought were working (Sudafed severe cold pills) b/c i'm healing pretty quickly for a cold. I haven't had much appetite but i ahve been eating at least two full meals a day .. like lunch and then snacking at night until i sleep.

I was planning on sleeping alot last night but that didnt happen. And i guess since i haven't had much apptetite, sleep (b/c my nose is stuffed) and stuff, it all got to me. I thought I was hungry so around 430 I got up and had a cracker and some juice. Five a.m. i was running to the bathroom and threw that cracker up.

I dont know. I just need sleep I guess but I haven't thrown up in years. ? I Just had an egg and cheese on a roll (b/c that's all my cafe offered) and i feel fine. but what's the deal? I just want to get rid of this cold b/c i have a formal (dance) tomorrow night!

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
1:54 pm
It's a bit chilly. I refuse to take off my capris and flipflops. Looks like i have to soon though. My roomie had a bad cold about 2 weeks ago and i drank OJ and randomly took medicine to not get sick - of course when she got better I stopped and now i caught it. Ugh. i hate the weather changing like this and living in a dorm. Blah.


what's your battle cry? |
mewing.net | merchandise!

Um. Sure.
Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
7:33 pm
What a day. haha.
It's just funny - dunno if you will find it amusing though but hey it's my amusing story. Spent about an hour or so on the phone with Todd last night (You rock!) which was nice b/c we caught up and i got a normal reaction to things i had to say and ask. I like talking to normal people who know how I am and about me. :) (You and your roomie still need bifocals though. haha)

So, Besides the fact i had a shitty night's sleep, i made it to my math class to take a test - who knows how well I did on this one.

Went to look at classes for next year with my advisor. Walked around campus with flip flops, jean capri's and a red 3/4 shirt on...wet hair up. (oh yeah i love it) went tanning with my little sister b/c i dont want to be Casper the Friendly She-Ghost in my dress for saturday. Hilarious b/c she had to put this lotion crap on my back and when she openedt he door i had no shirt on (but my back was to the door) and people walked by like "HuH?"

Got my oil changed -f inally. Stopped at CVS. Okay fun stuff. Saw Jeremy on the way out of my appt. and sat and talked to him for about 10 minutes. :) It was pretty amusing and he has to fix my headlight thanks to people trying to fix the bulb - which was glued in for some odd reason. We dont know why (Make any sense to you Ethan? I didnt think so) anyway. Shout Out completed - look for more in the future :) haha.

Then thanks to Danica's big mouth (haha) I had a cheeseburger and fries. (How'd that taste fatty? PRETTY DAMN GOOD) And my other suitemate Dusen walked in to borrow some laundry detergent but see she has this thing she walks in, stands around as if she's chillin' and then pretends as if her question just popped into her head. Like, example she walked in, sat in the chair and just chilled and then look sta me 5 minutes later giong "Oh! Can i borrow some detergent" i"m like "Dusen, you have this habit of just coming in and standing around like this..." (Insert me standing around and hanging out) "And then pretending as if your question just randomy popped into your head. Just ask when you walk in!!" Danica was dying. It's funny b/c we know she's gonna ask something ..... so instead of us waiting just spit it out!

So the second time she walked in she just busts into the room and goes "Dryer sheet? Thanks" i was like "Thats the way to do it!" WE LOVE DUSEN though :) :) :)

Danica and i found a new hobby - snapple caps. They have these quotes and facts on them. Example - Flamingos turn pink from eating shrimp. People eat around 3500 cookies in their lifetime. An average person makes 1140 phone calls each year. Giraffes have no vocal cords.

You get the point.

yes. Oh boy. Now the boytoy's comin' to watch a movie. It was just funny. sorry to waste your time. haha. okay bye. :)

quick shoutouts - Kim and Ker my botches. I miss you. Need a girls night at applebees or friday's. :) Kimmy i loves ya! Sometimes space heals things. Trust me. :)

Current Mood: calm
Monday, April 8th, 2002
2:41 pm
I took this from Tink

x. number 4 or 9 Id have to say.
x. color blue. Purple. Im partial to peach/pink lately.
x. band Goo Goo Dolls. Im a die hard fan.
x. sex boys. Duh.
x. color M+M's BLUE! And yellow.
x. hair color on me? Blondish I wish. Boys? Dark.
x. clothes brand anything. But I finally found jeans that fit me really well Glo Jeans YAY!
x. tree dogwoods. It reminds me of being young and climbing all over it.
x. grade fourth I had a great English teacher who got me so into reading and challenged me creatively. Also probably junior year in high school and sophomore year at college.
x. animal Tigers. Horses. Dolphins wild, free animals.
x. food Italian. Cheeseburgers. Fries. Turkey/Provolone sandwhiches. Chocolate cake. Moms chicken and broccoli/cheddar noodles. Potato and cheese soup.
x. drink cherry coke. Sex on the Beach. Mudslides or Hawaiian Volcanoes from Fridays.
x. disney movie Beauty and the Beast! (I still havent seen the Imax version :) )
x. holiday Christmas. Halloween. Theyre tied.
x. street name Carolyn Court. ;-)
x. school mascot High School Go Spartans. Here we had one, they decided it wasnt politically correct Braves so nowwe dont have one yet.
x. soda cherry coke!!
x. magazine Cosmo.
x. pancake mix Moms pancakes. Yes, those of you who raid my house Saturday mornings for disney movies and breakfeast know the deal. Mom loves it too having all of us in her house.
x. cologne Very Sexy Vikkis MmMMmM, Curve (I still love it)
x. perfume Peace by bath and body works.
x. word Fucknut. What? Yeah, Okay.
x. sport basketball. Football. Then soccer.
x. coin Half Dollar.
x. football team my high school team kicked ass. Or Green Bay.
x. nickname Too many. Karolicious, k-Turn, The Boss, Botch, Jitterbug, Xena, Batgirletc
x. gum flavor - winterfresh
x. eye color mine I guess blue and grey. Or big, sparkling brown ones
x. weather warm enough for tanktop, jeans and flipflops and wet hair. MmMmmmmm or when its hot out and raining but its not cold rain. :) :) SEXY!
x. peas- ew. Give them up every year for lent so mom cant make me eat them.
x. flower Lilies. Roses.
x. music everything but heavy metal
x. dwarf Dopey :)
x. piercing ears. Tongues are hot. eyebrows on certain people
x. bug ladybug. Dragonflies.
x. ice cream chocolate peanut butter
x. candy twix. Snickers. Gummi bears. (the red and green ones)
x. person my man, My botches, my best friend, my girls and guys at QU, IRMA! etc.
x. hero Batgirl. (haha) Batman or Spiderwoman.
x. cartoon Batman Beyond. Recess.
x. fruit Apples.
x. season - Spring
x. cereal Fruit Loops. Honey Nut Chex.
x. month Probably June at the rate the weathers going.
x. nail polish Pinky-peachy or none.
x. drug UmI dont really dig drugs. Marijuana I guess if I had to choose.

.about you.
x. name - Karolyn
x. nicknames Read the above. I wont list them all again.
x. location CT, originally Jersey :)
x. height 56 and 3/4ths haha
x. siblings older bro

.crush side.
x. do you have a crush - When do I not??
x. who is it - ;-)
x. are you going out with someone? Yes!!
x. do you love them Of course.
x. are you in love with them Head over heels.
x. do they know this- He better know this!
x. do they care about you- Yes. ;-*
x. what do you look for in a date someone thats not afraid to be around me I have a tendency to make an ass out of myself without trying. He has to have a sense of humor and laugh about a lot of things. Be caring, loyal.

.do you think you are.
x. pretty In the fact I look like the girl next door with nothing special about her sense yes.
x. funny Hysterically so.
x. friendly Very. I love meeting new people.
x. amusing Oh yeah Its called making a fool of yourself.
x. ugly I hope not.
x. loveable Ask my boyfriend. Hell tell you the truth.
x. pessimistic Never.
x. optimistic Very. Gets me in trouble I suppose sometimes.
x. caring of course
x. sweet I hope so. I try to be.
x. dorky HELL YEAH.
Friday, April 5th, 2002
11:52 pm
Long day ahead.
Well today was semi-long. Went to hte bar last night and had just enough to drink that I was tipsy but not drunk :) Started a fight with a girl who didnt fight back and pretended she didnt hear me, but the people around me were shocked and very very amused. I found out more about this girl (Okay long story short she is saying alot of mean stuff about my "little sister") so i just bluntly say things. As of next week she'll have to say something back b/c i'm solving this when i see her.

Had phi sig from 7pm until now (midnight) and it was fun :) I love the girls. Tomorrow is initiation - starting at 730am!! HOLY SHIT i have to be there at seven am. Geezus. I"m not gonna get ANY sleep. holy crap

NOT looking forward to 8 hours of initiation tomorrow on no sleep. Blah. But I hope everyone is having fun. I have a fun weekend ahead.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, April 4th, 2002
5:55 pm
That's not The CooL Thing it did in SufferingAngel's journal but hey - at least it does something.
5:53 pm
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So I had to try it. ::Shrug::
5:50 pm
I saw my first ice-cream truck today, going to the park near my boyfriend's place for all the little kiddie's that were playing there.

Despite the fact it's back to being cold, it's still pretty out. And it's spring. And i'm going out tonight ;0)

Current Mood: happily tired.
Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
2:27 pm
Woah. Strangely accurate.
Okay i swear i'm done posting for a little while!!!


The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versitle,
Acquisitive, and Scattered
(The Manic-Depressive and Histrionic Personality Disorders)

Basic Fear: Of being deprived and in pain
Basic Desire: To be satisfied and contentto have their needs fulfilled
The Seven with a Six-Wing: "The Entertainer"
The Seven with an Eight-Wing: "The Realist"

Expanded Profile

Healthy: Highly responsive, excitable, enthusiastic about sensation and experience. Most extroverted type: stimuli bring immediate responsesthey find everything invigorating. Lively, vivacious, eager, spontaneous, resilient, cheerful. / Easily become accomplished achievers, generalists who do many different things well: multi-talented. Practical, productive, usually prolific, cross-fertilizing areas of interest. At Their Best: Assimilate experiences in depth, making them deeply grateful and appreciative for what they have. Become awed by the simple wonders of life: joyous and ecstatic. Intimations of spiritual reality, of the boundless goodness of life.

Average: As restlessness increases, want to have more options and choices available to them. Become adventurous and "worldly wise," but less focused, constantly seeking new things and experiences: the sophisticate, connoisseur, and consumer. Money, variety, keeping up with the latest trends important. / Unable to discriminate what they really need, become hyperactive, unable to say "no" to themselves, throwing self into constant activity. Uninhibited, doing and saying whatever comes to mind: storytelling, flamboyant exaggerations, witty wise-cracking, performing. Fear being bored: in perpetual motion, but do too many thingsmany ideas but little follow through. / Get into conspicuous consumption and all forms of excess. Self-centered, materialistic, and greedy, never feeling that they have enough. Demanding and pushy, yet unsatisfied and jaded. Addictive, hardened, and insensitive.

Unhealthy: Desperate to quell their anxieties, can be impulsive and infantile: do not know when to stop. Addictions and excess take their toll: debauched, depraved, dissipated escapists, offensive and abusive. / In flight from self, acting out impulses rather than dealing with anxiety or frustrations: go out of control, into erratic mood swings, and compulsive actions (manias). / Finally, their energy and health is completely spent: become claustrophobic and panic-stricken. Often give up on themselves and life: deep depression and despair, self-destructive overdoses, impulsive suicide.

Key Motivations: Want to maintain their freedom and happiness, to avoid missing out on worthwhile experiences, to keep themselves excited and occupied, to avoid and discharge pain.

Examples: JFK, Benjamin Franklin, Leonard Bernstein, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Taylor, W.A. Mozart, Steven Spielberg, Federico Fellini, Dr. Richard Feynman, Timothy Leary, Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Bette Midler, Chuck Berry, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Gianni Versace, Liza Minelli, Joan Collins, Malcolm Forbes, Noel Coward, Sarah Ferguson, Larry King, Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Howard Stern, John Belushi, and "Auntie Mame" (Mame).

Copyright 1997, Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson All Rights Reserved
2:07 pm
Spring. AAaaah.
yes this seems to be the reoccuring thread, and i'm going to say why while I happily munch on fruit loops and drink fruit punch until my lips turn bright red!:)

I just wish everyone had those same tingly, i'll make "nothing to do" time, tshirt, flipflops jeans weather happiness I feel when spring hits. There are a zillion and one peopel outside in the Quad and it's great. I walk past people I dont know and we smile and say hi (which I just have a tendency to do anyway. I get yelled at for talking to strangers).

But my all time 2 favorite spring feelings where I dont want it to end are :

-Eating ice cream with someone, sitting outside and just talking for hours with the sun up, or sinking, and not being cold or hot just ocmfortable in the perfectly temperatured air. Bonus points if we're sitting at the beach. :)

-That dusky twilight where the sky's dark blue but it's still strangely light out - that twilight where it lasts, seemingly forever from like 8pm until 2am in the morning and it never seems to go away. I LOVE that time of the night, I love the relaxed feeling i Get. That's my favorite. I wish every night was like that and when the first night of that twilight comes - watch out for a post :) haha.

Happy SpringTime Everyone!
My goal for you Today:Go get ice cream sometime before tomorrow, either alone and enjoy every bite, or with someone and share!

Current Mood: cheerful
11:36 am
I finally found a dress form y formal, and now i'm having second thoughts. Go figure. i have to go get it today. It's a bright pink (between bubblegum pink and fuschia somewhere) and it's tight, strapless and long just flowing out about my lower legs. It has like very faint wavy lines going down it vertically that shimmer. Hrm. :) yay.

it's almost 70's outside. I'm wearing flip flops, jeans and a tshirt and my hair wet from the shower. I love spring. MMmmM YAY! (I dont mind the overcast. Makes my hair curl when it's wet. heheh)

Current Mood: Happily Tired.
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
7:58 pm
It's Proven GUYS PMS
- It is proven in medical books the male gender PMS at least 6 times a day. (And they say we're difficult - we only do it once a month!)

here's the low down in my jumbled jargon of what happens:
Guys have both estrogen and testosterone. The levels vary through the day, and when the testosterone level drops, the estrogen level is up, sending the brain a message saying "Uh oh, you need to be a man again" and will start producing more testosterone.

Men are relaxed after sex b/c they have "shot off" their testosterone, and now the body is relaxed and ready to produce more. Hence the reason they just lie there and we can tolerate them.


Maybe that's why my boyfriend has mood swings. Ugh.

Current Mood: impressed
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
9:22 pm
Do I suck so much that I dont get responses? :( I was really lookin' for help on that hobby thing too. Hmmmm.

At least the boyfriend came over to cuddle and watch TV with my raging emotions, hurting tummy self. That was a highlight. Tomorrow my roomies and I go look at a house - We'd get the three bedroom kitchen dining room place upstairs, the bottom is rented by someone else - where we'd live for next year. Hrm. I dont know.

Current Mood: thoughtful
2:01 pm
Happy ---- Easter.
Okay it's PMS time here. I noticed last night I had a few cramps. I just started Birth Control Pills - Ovcon25 (of course when everyone and their mother is on OrthoTri i get the odd kind),a nd besides screwing up my system for the first two months i didnt really have a side effect. A few cramps here and there.

Usually the first day, or day before it started I would be doubled over in pain howling and being naseaus, etc running back and forth to the bathroom -Well, it's back. This is the 3rd month of the pills when they're supposed to work. Yes, I got my little friend right on time (the first two months i had it 2wice each month to get used to the pills)

But now i"m doubled over howling as my stomach burns on fire and my lower back is shot with tightened muscles. And, I just ate Easter dinner over the boyfriend's house - and their family tradition is to go to the moveis - i said i'd be back. But i can't go like this b/c i can't even walk and i'm stuck running to and from the bathroom. And to top it off they're seeing Ice Age - the animated movie ive been dying to see.

Ugh. the Pain. The Exhaustion when it's over and the Frustration of not being able to go. And the extra-hormones from the pills ontop of my frustration just made me start crying when the boyfriend called to see if i was going. I said no and he asked what was wrong, so I said "It's kinda gross, but Every month the day before or the first day I double over in pain and my stomach burns on fire, I run back and forth to the bathroom ready to be sick.." and here's where i started crying "..And the pills are supposed to stop this but they're not. And i can't help it."

After a little text war and finding out that nothing's wrong and his family doesnt hate me (i hope he's not lying) - I still hate this pain. I hate the pills aren't working. I hate being a girl.

Current Mood: gloomy
Saturday, March 30th, 2002
6:13 pm
SO I just drove to the ice-cream place down the street from my school. It's a right of passage to get ice cream there when it's warm out and when Campus is really in session (not easter weekend) it's swarmed!

So I drove there at 6pm with all the windows down, got homemade mint chocolate chip icecream and drove back.

it's officially spring and i'm going insane.

Such a happy girl :)

Current Mood: Happy!
3:05 pm
A problem and 1/2 a solution.
The sun's out, it's nearly 70 degrees outside, and it's the first all around nice day you've had since autumn started. Yet, you find yourself inside, staring out the window at random times during the afternoon, craving the fresh air. What do you call it when you've desperately been craving days like this, condeming the winter - but once it gets nice out you have no clue how to take advantage of it? Boredom? Stupidity?

A couple is down in the street playing catch and I am not lying. People are driving with windows and sunroofs open, and here I am blasting music, windows open and staring at my computer typing this.

What the hell is wrong with me? What can I do - go for a run? I'm to lazy. Besides I like to run at night mostly when it's cool and you can clear your mind to start over with your busy life the next day. I'm in a t-shirt and shorts, loving every moment of it but being to damn lazy to do anything about it. I could go sit on the steps outside my building and write something - maybe this? but no i'm not having a creative streak.

i have been praying for days like this since September. I've been cursing winter and cold weather. I dont want to wear a jacket when I go outside. I want the sun to last longer then 6pm. Now it's in front of me and I'm staring back at it instead of taking joy in it.

Something's wrong here.

I need a hobby. Besides writing when I randomly get a chance.

I'm envious of the people that can walk into Borders or Barnes and Noble, and know exactly what section they need to find the book on their hobby. Gardening. Cooking. I'm jealous of them. My boyfriend is enjoying this nice day working on his new hobby - the Car.

Me? I dont have anything. I feel utterly useless and helpless. I wish I had something to do, something to work at, that I enjoyed and didn't mind a slight challenge - something to do when I'm bored. I love to travel but that has to wait until i have a steady job after graduation and make money. I also cook but I dont have a kitchen and i'm not super, nor do i have patience for it.

Now Taking Applications.

I'm a 21 year old Aries - who is true to the zodiac sign. I have little patience and an even shorter attention span. I multi-task like a bitch. I need something that can hold my attention, give me a challenge, but enjoy. Suggestions please!!

Current Mood: indescribable
12:22 pm
Am I being odd?
Lately when Joaq goes home I dont tend to go in with him. Is this odd? Like today I got a salad from wendys for lunch b/c i was hungry after running errands with him and i dropped him off at his house. He was like "you're not coming in?" I said no b/c he and his dad were going to work on his car. he hasn't said anything but this is day #2 where i've dropped him off and not gone in. I liek his family and stuff but i just feel odd being there randomly when he's doing stuff ya know? hrm.

but in other news, i really dont want to jinx this but things with us have been TERRIFIC. I mean like incredibly good. Scarey it's so good.

and the weather outside is SO WARM. and this salad is SO good and I Have fruit loops next to me to munch on. and the ice tea from wendy's is freshly brewed not fountain shit.

I'm a happy girl.

Stolen from Tink
12 Things That Annoy Me:
- When 0people talk about you like you're not there.
- Loud Snoring.
- Misplacing things
- Allergies.
- Loud people who have no concept of being quiet.
- Traffic. (And people who dont know how to drive)
- people who dont take the time to listen or understand.
- Being sick
- Having to wear jackets to leave
- people with oversize purses.
- having cravings but not sure for what
- teachers who dont know what they're talking about

11 Things That Turn Me On:
- Back kisses
- snuggling
- defined shoulders/arms
- boy-smell
- good cologne
- purposely (sp?) messy hair
- the Gym-Clothing look - t-shirt, running pants or soccer shorts.. MmMmm.
- If they're dressed up for a dance, when the tie gets loose, the top buttons of the shirt gets unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up. HOLD ME BACK!
- little groans and happy moans of just being content.
- dimples.
- Full lips and big eyes.

10 things you'd like to change about yourself:
- I wish i didnt care so much about my body
- get my braces off ASAP (i know i know 10 months isn't long to have them but please! *counts* only 5 more months.)
- my hair color - i wish it stayed blonde all year 'round not just in the spring and summer.
- my creativity - i seemed to have sucked it dry.
- I wish I had a better idea of where I was heading.
- Be more open to ideas
- Work harder for things i really want.
- Stop procrastinating.
- I wish I had time and money to see, do, and learn everything I want to
- I wish I was a bit cleaner and more organized.

9 places you'd like to see in your lifetime:
- Italy
- Greek Islands -n- the Parthenon
- Australia
- Japan
- Moscow
- The Grand Canyon
- Spain (the rest of it)
- Cancun
- Outerspace

8 movies you'd watch over and over:
- Robin Hood men in Tights.
- 10 Things I hate about you
- Fast and Furious
- Tomb Raider (most any Angelina Jolie Movies)
- Empire Records
- Patriot Games
- Indiana Jones
- Beauty and the Beast

7 things you wear daily:
- Tiffany's necklace from Joaq
- Watch
- My rings
- My ID Bracelet from the parents
- Earrings
- underwear
- clothes

6 objects you touch every day:
- my keyboard
- my keys
- the phone
- myself (when applying lotion. Get your mind out of the gutter)
- paper -n- pens
- the toothbrush

5 things you do every day:
- Shower
- check email
- check livejournal
- talk to Joaq
- write or read

4 foods that you couldn't live without:
- cheeseburgers
- ice cream
- ice-tea
- chocolate

3 people that have influenced your life the most:
- my family and those very close friends ( i know but i need room)
- my 8th grade writing teacher
- my 4th grade teacher

2 of your favorite songs at this moment:
- Heaven the techno remix of the 80's song. Yum.
- Obsession - Miss Jay feat Timbaland or Fat Joe What's Love
"Ass is fat, frame is little, got a tattoo on your chest with his name in the middle" *Fav part. Tee hee*

1 thing you could spend the rest of your life with:
- Love

Current Mood: Happily wondering.
Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
12:01 am

take free enneagram test

but only 2 points off was this :

Sevens are optimistic thrill seekers that see life as an adventure. They are always thinking of new possibilies and adventures. This constant zest for life is often just escapism. Once things lose there fun they are no longer interested, so many projects go unfinished. Essentially, they avoid the difficulties of life because they fear being overwhelmed by them.

So i am a mix of both. :) Does this fit? :) you tell me.

Current Mood: tired. ;)
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